We provide excellent website maintenance

for small businesses, organizations, marketers, and entrepreneurs. We want you to win.

What we do

  • Website maintenance and updates
  • Help you take control of your site, driving new business

Why you need us

  • Web design companies don't handle long term maintenance well
  • Website maintenance is critical to your success
  • Pull off sales, promotions, company news, and engaging fresh web content

Why choose Website Maintenance Labs?

  • Fixed website maintenance fees starting at just $30 per month
  • Built from the ground up to provide ongoing website maintenance
  • Someone to get a hold of when the website isn't quite right
  • We save you time, money, and stress

"Things are finally getting done now that we're using Website Maintenance Labs. You guys do an awesome job!"

-Larry at ISHM.org

"Website Maintenance Labs has taken all the hassle out of maintaining our site. I spend close to zero time or effort on it which allows me to focus on our business. Dependable, worry free and worth every penny."

-Scott at IKONMultisport.com

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