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We support, secure, optimize and backup your Online Services and Websites.


Our Award Winning Monthly WordPress Maintenance Service will keep you updated, secure and optimized! Personal Account Managers, Malware Scanning, Monthly Reports & Incredible Support with EVERY plan.


Do not think that it can’t happen to you.   WordPress vulnerabilities lie in themes, plugins, weak login usernames/passwords, core files and more.

blue-checkmark-50In 2012, over 170,000 WordPress websites were hacked.

blue-checkmark-50In 2013, independent research firm EnableSecurity found that a whopping 70% of Alexa’s top 1 Million sites running WordPress were vulnerable to being compromised.

blue-checkmark-50In 2014, more than 100,000 WordPress sites were hit with the malware campaign which resulted in more than 11,000 domains being blacklisted by Google.

My WordPress Site has been Hacked


Determined hackers will stop at nothing to compromise your website but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it difficult for them.

blue-checkmark-50We will install a powerful, feature packed firewall and manually setup 50+ settings to secure your WordPress site.

blue-checkmark-50We tweak the most important security parameters including: registration & login security, db security, file security & SPAM prevention.

blue-checkmark-50We will install the latest version of Google reCaptcha to add an additional layer of protection against brute force attacks.



Need to restore your site to an earlier date?  Just shoot us an email or fill out our restore form and we’ll make it happen for you.  Easy as pie!  You can also download backups to your local hard-drive.

blue-checkmark-50Automatic Monitoring of Malware Injections

blue-checkmark-50Automatic Response Time Monitoring

blue-checkmark-50Automatic Site Uptime Monitoring

blue-checkmark-50Daily, Weekly or Monthly Backups


How We CRUSH Our Competition


We offer a very personalized, manual, hands on service so it only makes sense that we provide you with a dedicated account manager.  All of our account managers are experienced WordPress users, many of whom are WordPress designers and current bloggers.   Your account managers responsibility is to monitor your website according to your plan, and carry out the tasks included in your plan including backups, malware scanning and monthly reports.  You can find the name/email of your Account Manager inside of your client dashboard.


Most of you probably have Anit-virus software for your computer but what about your WordPress website?  A recent study conducted by a leading online malware scanning company indicated that over 80% of websites are NOT scanned for Malware on a consistent basis.  This is a frightening statistic.  Included in ALL of our monthly maintenance service plans, we conduct a FULL (every single file) malware and virus scan of your website according to your plan.  Other benefits offered in select plans include:

  • Real time Monitoring of Malware Injections
  • Website Response Time Monitoring
  • Website Up-time Monitoring
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Scans
  • Malware Removal

* Please see all plans for full details.



All plans come with a monthly report manually created by your Account Manager.  It’s imperative that you know that we are providing the services you are paying for and that you have a strong grasp as to the current state of your website.  Extended reporting is available for our Gold Plan.  General items included are:

  • Current WordPress version & any core updates
  • Plugins updates
  • SPAM comments deleted
  • Black List Status
  • Date of last backup
  • Malware Scanning Results
  • Recommendations
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MATTHEW FINCHLand Titles & Notorizing Services, Inc.


WordPress Maintanence & Security Services

Our Gold Plan Includes ALL Services. View our plans for full details.


Your dedicated Account Manager monitors your website according to your plan and prepares your monthly report.  You can reach him/her at any time via email.


We’ll make sure that WordPress core files and all of your plugins are up-to-date.  We’ll remove any SPAM comments and make sure that your database is regularly optimized.


We’ll monitor your site for Malware by providing monthly scans that will let us know if you have been compromised or injected with Malware in anyway.


We install Google ReCAPTCHA for all of our clients because it adds another layer of protection against SPAM/Bot abuse.


Our backups are completely automated according to your plan so you’ll always have a full backup of your site.  We can even restore or migrate your site.


We can restore your site with one click.  In the event that your site is compromised, you can easily roll back your site to an earlier version.  Maybe you just want to restore to an earlier time.  Just email us.


Each month you will be provided a monthly report of activities performed on your website.  We encourage to check our work to ensure we are providing excellent service.


Our Support Team literally works around the clock responding to tickets, and answering questions for our customers.


Though your best defense is a great offensive, in the event that your site is hacked or injected with malware, our team can help you remove the malware and restore your site quickly.  View our Plans & Pricing for more  details.


We offer a complete install and configuration of an industry leading WordPress firewall.  We configure over 50 settings to ensure your login, files and database are 100% secure.  See Plans & Pricing for more details.


Cross browser compatibility and testing is important to ensure consistency across the different browsers and to ensure your providing your visitors with a great user experience.  View our Plans & Pricing for more details.


If during our cross browser test, we uncover minor and basic functionality, alignment or JavaScript issues, we will alert and fix at no additional charge saving you hundreds of dollars.  Please see Plans & Pricing for more details.

Focus On Your Business! Let Us Do The Dirty Work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know.

I Use GoDaddy, Can We Use Your Services?

If your hosting provider is GoDaddy, you can still use our services with this exception:  Your database will be backed up and emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not allow you or CMS Managers the ability to whitelist IP Addresses.  This is critical to ensure we can always scan and backup your site without being blocked. Virtually every cPanel hosting includes the ability to whitelist an IP Address. We don’t recommend GoDaddy for web hosting. We recommend Site Ground and you can get started for less than $4/month.  We’ll even migrate your site at NO COST if you sign up with Site Ground specifically to use our services.  You can sign up via the banner below.


Web Hosting

How Often Do You Backup My Site

This depends on the plan that you have.  Our Starter Plan allows for monthly backups.  Our Silver Plan allows for weekly backups and our Gold Plan allows for daily backups.  If you are doing something important on your website and would like an instant backup, you can always order our WordPress Backup Service which we can schedule for any day/time you need.

Are Your Backups Off Site?

YES, all backups are off-site.  Why is this important?  Off site backups are important because if your backup is stored on your site, it doesn’t offer protection against a crashed  or hacked server. There’s a good chance that  if your site gets hacked and you lose access, you also lose access to your backup files.

Why Do I Need CMS Managers, I have a web person already.

If you have a web person who actively manages your WordPress site, that is awesome.  We won’t replace your help but we will take the job of updating, optimizing and securing your WordPress site off of their to do list.  CMS Managers will work with your web person to ensure that your website is always updated, optimized and secure.  It’s THAT important.

What If I Already Have Malware On My Site

If you know that your site is already infected with a virus or malware and you’d like to sign up, please contact our support team AFTER you sign up and we will remove the virus/malware for you at no charge.  This is a one time complimentary malware removal option.  If you simply need us to remove a virus or malware, please order our virus/malware removal service.

What Happens If Malware Is Found During A Scan?

Malware removal is included in our Silver (1 removal monthly) & Gold Plans (unlimited removal) so if Malware is detected, it will be removed at no additional cost.  If Malware Removal isn’t included in your plan, you will need to purchase our Malware Removal service.

Do You Offer Multi-site Discounts

Yes.  We offer incredible multi-site discounts for all 3 of our plans.  You can also upgrade with ease inside your member dashboard.  We also offer yearly discounts on all annual subscriptions.  Your free to mix and match how you wish to subscribe to our service.  As an example you can sign up site 1 for the monthly Starter Plan, site 2 for the annual Gold Plan and site 3 for our monthly Silver Plan.

Are There Any Contracts?

No, there are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.  What we offer is a monthly or annual subscription service.   If you signed up for an annual service plan but cancel before the subscription ends, you will forfeit the remaining months on your subscription.  What we recommend is that you wait until your subscription ends to cancel your account.  All cancellations must be processed by our support team.  Once canceled your website will no longer be backed up or protected and all services previously provided by us shall be discontinued.

Why Do You Need Admin & FTP Access

In order for us to provide our services we will need administrative access to your WordPress website and FTP/cPanel access to your web server.  We cannot provide our services without being able to access your files.  For admin access, we recommend that you setup a temporary username and pw.  Your account manager will let you know when setup is complete and you can then delete the temporary username/pw of you wish.  You can also add FTP and WordPress admin credentials in your member dashboard area for convenience.

Our EASY 4 Step Process

Select a plan below.  We provide annual AND multi-site discounts.

Provide us administrative access to your WordPress site(s).

We’ll monitor your site and provide the services outlined in your plan.

We’ll send out a monthly report to keep you updated.


Multi-site AND Yearly Subscription Discounts Available*


  • All WP Maintenance Features icon_tooltip
  • All WP Security Features icon_tooltip
  • All WP Premium Features icon_tooltip
  • Account Manager
  • Detailed Monthly Report
  • Premium Support icon_tooltip

Silver PLAN

  • All WP Maintenance Features icon_tooltip
  • All WP Security Features icon_tooltip
  • Account Manager
  • Monthly Report
  • Email Support icon_tooltip

Starter PLAN

  • WP Maintenance Features icon_tooltip
  • Account Manager
  • Monthly Report
  • Email Support icon_tooltip

*Discounts for multi-site orders are only valid during sign-up.


Stay up to date on the latest virus threats AND look out for our monthly sign up promotions!